The Prophet Who Married A Prostitute



Love Story with a Prostitute 


Full Book synopsis/summary:

What will happen when two leading figures of good and evil get married? A wandering prostitute veiled in nocturnal infamy and a holy prophet committed to God for generations. Could God have put this together? Isn’t this a recipe for heartache? Will this union succeed? Find out this modern reading of Hosea, one of the most controversial biblical stories.

In this book, a wealthy contemporary Hosea, by the direction of God, marries a prostitute and starts a family, All is going well until Candace falls to temptation and pursues freedom in presumably greener pastures. However, that cannot stop the relentless love of Hosea.


P 131. The bob-lady’s voice chimed into her thoughts unexpectedly, “You just lost your freedom.” She jingled.

P 208. She looked down at the baby again and quivered as she lifted him up to the ticket lady who reached out over the counter to take him.

P 187. She was only there for a minute before she felt a sharp pull on her hair, jerking her head back, and she heard a low, slow, familiar voice speaking straight into her ear.


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